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the rocket stove: a very appropriate technology

With the help of our summer interns, we built our first rocket stove for use in the village a little over a month ago.  A rocket stove is a more efficient way of cooking with fire.  It uses smaller diameter wood — and less of it — but still cooks faster than a traditional open fire.

A rocket stove is incredibly easy to construct, and it can be made entirely out of materials already present in rural areas. Continue reading



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bugakara village: a short video

We recently sent a short video to one of our sponsoring churches, in order for them to show it during their VBS, the theme of which was missions.  Filming was both short and hurried as it was raining, but, still, this ought to give you guys an idea of what we’re doing and where we’re working:

So… that’s Bugakara village.

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conservation agriculture and spitting cobras

I might as well start with the most interesting photo, though I won’t actually tell you about the spitting cobra until later in the post (skip to there, I suppose, if you’re anxious)….

I spent a couple of days this last week in Mwakiwasha village.  [You guys are familiar with Mwakiwasha village; we did a couple of photo tours there a while back: mwanza to mwakiwasha and a visit in mwakiwasha village.]  The whole family went out Monday, mostly just to greet everyone, though we also worked out some dates for vaccinating chickens, harvesting rice, and having the interns stay a few days.  It was Harper’s first village visit ever, and our friends were very happy to meet her. 

Yesterday, though, my visit was for some farm work. Continue reading


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